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Why is it so great to shop in England?

The Brits are mad about online shopping. 79% of all internet users shop online, which has resulted in an enourmos number of e-shops. This huge competition drives prices down and leads to a perfect customer service and an astonishing product range.

Many e-shops have very strict terms and will only send goods to a UK address or they will not accept a payment card that is not issued in the UK. This results in the goods not being available to shoppers from countries other than the UK.

Our service helps to resolve this problem by renting you a real UK delivery address. The e-shop where you buy the goods will send them to our (your) UK address and afterwards we will forward them to your home. If the e-shop does not accept cards issued outside the UK, we can help you. For those who would like to save even more, we offer the option of combining purchases into a single parcel and so you save money on postage costs.

Thank to us, you can shop for top world brands like Louis Vuitton or Gucci, shop on Amazon or Ebay, or in department stores like Selfridges, Debenhams or John Lewis.

Shop in the UK with us!

How does it work?

Sign up with us and our system will assign you a UK address for FREE.

Now you can start shopping from almost any UK e-shop. Use your new English delivery address at the checkout.

Your parcel will arrive at our warehouse, where we will check it and add all the details about the parcel to your account. We will send you an email confirming receipt of your purchase.

You can sign into your account and instruct us to forward your parcel or you can wait until you have more parcels and we can combine them into a single package. This means you can save on postage costs.

Your parcel will leave our warehouse and be delivered to your specified address within a few days.

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Our services

Rental of UK address - Register and get your own UK address for shopping in the UK.

Consolidation of purchases - sometimes e-shops split your order into several parcels. We can combine your packages together, so you don’t have to pay shipping costs for each parcel. Also, if you shop at different e-shops, we can combine your purchases into a single package (where possible), meaning you save on postage costs.

Additional services - checking purchases, photographing purchases, personal collection of purchases from Ebay auctions, etc.

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