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All the prices mentioned are inclusive of VAT (20%). The pricelist is valid from 6.5.2021.

Rental of UK address  
Registration and operation of a UK address FREE
Receipt of parcels to warehouse £ 0.69 up to £ 1.99 per parcel1
Storing parcels up to 30 days FREE
Storing parcels for more than 30 days (maximum of 90 days) £ 0.30 for each day and each parcel
1) The fee amount is determined by the number of parcels that the customer had sent to our warehouse in the past 6 months. The fee is charged on the day the parcel arrives to our warehouse. You can see the exact price per parcel after clicking on this link.

Consolidation of purchases / Sending purchases  
Consolidating (combining) packages into a single parcel and shipping fee - 1 to 5 pieces 1.75 GBP
Consolidating packages into a single parcel and shipping fee - over 5 pieces 0.35 GBP for each piece
Packaging material £ 0.30 up to £ 5.19 per piece2
Storing of consolidated parcels for up to 10 days FREE3
Cancellation of consolidation (return of parcels to warehouse) £4.90
2) Click here to see a full list of packaging materials on this link.
3) If a consolidated parcel is not paid for and forwarded within 10 days from being requested, individual parcels will be returned to the warehouse and you will be charged a fee for the cancelled consolidation.

Shipping costs  
Shipping costs from UK to your address calculator

Checking purchases  
Fee for checking of each parcel £ 0.49 for each item inside the parcel (minimum of £4.90)4
Arrangement of a claim 6.90 GBP5
4) The fee is charged for each checked piece
5) The fee is charged for communication with the e-shop when resolving claims, until a final decision of the e-shop. We do not guarantee successful arrangement of your claim. The decision of the e-shop is final and any other communication from our side is not possible.

Photographing purchases  
Fee for making photographs £1.20 for each photograph

Return of purchase to e-shop  
Fee for each parcel to be returned £ 4.90 for each parcel+ shipping costs6
6) The fee is charged for each piece even if the e-shop split your shopping into several parcels and you decide to return the whole shopping.

Other charges  
Bank transfer payment FREE
Fee for paying by payment card or PayPal FREE

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